About The Blog


What this Blog Is:

There is a great misconception in the business world that you have to lie, cheat, and steal to get ahead. There is an equally prevalent belief that EVERYONE in the business world is corrupt and greedy. While this may be the case with some businesses and leaders it is certainly no the case for all of them. Many businesses thrive with leaders who are good, honest and moral people. This blog is dedicated to these people. We are on a mission to expose these exceptional leaders and the principles they use to guide their success.

In an effort to strengthen the claims of these businessmen and women their ideas are supported by stories and teachings of The Holy Bible. The Bible is a widely accepted as the world’s foremost authority on all things good and just, so what better resource is there to test the morality of business ideas and practices?

Unfortunately greed and corruption do exist. They are the cause of nearly every problem we see in the world today. Think of how different the world would be if there was no corruption in businesses, governments, churches and homes. Corruption can be a very negative and powerful influence in organizations. The only way to battle something as daunting and pervasive as this is by replacing the negatives with positives. Leaders and companies can utilize these positive and moral leadership principles espoused by this blog. These principles will enlighten the entire organization and increase the bottom line. Let’s employ these ideas and rid the world of corporate corruption once and for all!

So What?

This blog presents enlightened leadership principles that do the following:

  • Are practiced by great business leaders
  • Are supported by biblical stories
  • Bring success to those who diligently use them
  • Replace corrupt leadership principles with moral ones



One thought on “About The Blog

  1. You are right; keep it up. Liars, cheats, and thieves are to be pitied, never envied. They are an ever-constant visual aid, demonstrating why traditional values have become tradition among the truly successful.

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