About Me

Who Am I?

Name: Austin Cope

State: Texas

Occupation: MD/MBA Candidate at Texas Tech University

Linkedin Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/austin-cope/44/aa7/478

Story Behind the Story (why did I start this blog?)

After holding various leadership positions in business, church, and scholastic capacities I observed some common trends. Some people who I worked with always seemed to be getting ahead through deceit and manipulation. I couldn’t stand this and often complained about it. I would complain to anyone who would listen about how the organization was becoming corrupt and how specific people were greedy and dishonest. After a while I realized that this technique was not helping the situation. It only served to poison people against the organization and against myself.

I decided to turn my efforts toward my own work and prove that success could be attained through simple honesty and hard work. I learned many important principles from the scriptures that helped me to improve, and over time to excel in my work.  After a while it became apparent that my dishonest counterparts were winning short term battles but were burning many bridges in the process. Eventually they all fell from their prestigious positions and were replaced by me and other hardworking and honest individuals. At that point the organization changed its culture and experienced incredible long term success.

I am convinced that greed and corruption lead only to pain, misery and failure. They can be enticing in the short run but are never worth the cost. I am battling to replace greed and corruption with old fashioned hard work and honesty. Join me in my cause. We can produce a new generation of enlightened leaders to lead the world into a better future.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Stumbled on your site as I thought of the words “principles before profit” and did a google search…..i’ll be following your posts as they echo my own thoughts in many ways. Business is good, we are growing I want us to move forward in a different way from most based on the principles of God. I’m now asking myself now the “why”

    Thanks for the book reference, just ordered it.

    • That is very gratifying to hear. Thanks for the feedback, it makes all this work well worth it. I believe that when we put true and universal principles first we will see great gains, both in business and in life.

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