Rise to the Top

In his book QBQ! The Question Behind the Question John G. Miller talks about doing your best no matter what your current situation is, even if you don’t have the right tools, systems, or just don’t like your job. He argues that working your hardest regardless of these excuses is an important characteristic of an integral person and a great leader. These are the kinds of people who rise to the top of an organization.

The Old Testament has a story like this. It’s the story of Joseph and Egypt in Genesis 37–45. Joseph started in a very high position as a favored son in a large and important family. He got a special coat from his father Jacob and things were looking good for him. However, after an envy-induced attack by his brothers he ended up as a slave in Egypt. He worked hard though, and his master Potifer quickly promoted him as the head servant of his household. But that didn’t last long. Potifer’s wife was very promiscuous and dishonest. She had Joseph thrown into jail because of his high moral values. Did that stop Joseph? Of course not! He continued to work as hard as he could and eventually he rose to a high position – EVEN IN PRISON! Joseph had a knack for rising to the top due to his great wisdom, compassion, and hard work ethic. Eventually he became the Pharaoh’s right hand man, saved his family, and changed the world.

If Joseph can rise to the top from within prison, then who am I to complain about my situation? Anyone from anywhere can become a great leader if they become skilled, work hard, and serve people. Joseph is a great example of someone who made the most of a bad situation. Good thing he never gave up and said, “I’d work harder if I had a better position.” This is why he so consistently rose to the top.

Comments: Do you have any experiences similar to this? Have you ever seen someone who worked hard no matter what and eventually rose to the top?


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